“At Thompson Funeral Homes, we provide distinctive and meaningful services to meet the personal needs and traditions of each family we serve.”

There are many ways to honor the memory of a loved one. Vistations may be held before the funeral or memorial service. The service may be held at the funeral home or at a church and may be a simple gathering for close family or friends or an more eleborate service. Favorite music, family traditions, military honors and other tributes can all be incorporated into the visitation and services. With you, we will plan a meaningful tribute to honor and celebrate the life of your loved one.


Close family receives relatives and friends before the service, typically with the casket present. In Thompson funeral tradition this may be one day or two days before the service. It may also be an hour before the funeral service on the same day, also known as a family hour. A funeral visitation at Thompson Funeral Home is typically held from 9 am to 8 pm so that it will be easier for the majority of people to attend.

 “Chapel Service”

Floral Tributes surround the casket of a comtemporary or religious chapel ceremony at the funeral home. A member of the clergy, organist and soloist will be provided. There may be a procession from the funeral home to the cemetery. You can always personalize the service as desired in the manner that best best reflects the style and taste of your loved one.

“Church Service”

A religious service at your church is planned in coordination with your pastor. There may be a procession from the church to the cemetery.

“Graveside Service”

A graveside service is held at the burial site and is often held after a chapel or church service.

“Memorial Service”

A personalized memorial service with photographs and memorabilia can be held in our funeral home chapel or a location of choice.