Prearranging your funeral is a simple and very secure way to provide for your final arrangements.

The advantages to prearranging are man, but most importantly, it ensures that your wishes will be carried out, down to the last detail. It is a valuable and protected investment and is one of the kindest gifts you can give your family. We encourage you to discuss your thoughts and decisions with your family and contact Thompson Funeral Home Inc. if you have any questions.

“Who Preplans a Funeral?”

Anyone can preplan their one funeral service, however family members or even close friends should participate in the prearrangement process. If possible, it is always beneficial to plan together, since the actual funeral or memorial is not for the deceased but also for the loved ones left behind.

“What are the benefits of preplanning a funeral service?”

Preplanning a funeral service at Thompson Funeral Home Inc. is a very secure and informed way to prepare for the eventuality of death. With the cost of funerals constantly increasing similarly like everything else, planning ahead could prevent an untimely financial obligation to your family. By making arrangements in an unhurried atmosphere, you will not leave complicated decisions to your family on perhaps the most difficult day of their lives.

“How do I begin my prearrangment process?”

Contact Thompson Funeral Home for details on beginning a prearangement. We will assist you in selecting services and merchandise to meet both your budget and your wishes. Our prices are itemized so you pay only for what you choose; you control the cost. Our many years of service to the community gives you confidence that your choices will be respected.

“What happens when death occurs?”

The family should immediately call Thompson Funeral Home Inc. where the prearrangement was planned. We are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Even in the event death occurs away from the planned area, the family should call Thompson Funeral Home where the prearrangement was originally made. We will make all the necessary contacts for you, including a funeral home in the location of death. Although we keep a complete record of all transactions, please remind us that there is a prepaid funeral agreement.

“Will more money have to be paid at the time of the funeral?”

All prepaid items with a guarantee price are always considered to be fully paid. Of course, there would be charges for major price changes in non-guaranteed accommodation items, as well for anything not prepaid or added at the time of loss.