Gerald Bernard Hollins

G Hollins Obit Full (EDIT)


Gerald Bernard Hollins

July 6th, 1955 – October 13th, 2017

The visitation service will be held at Thompson Funeral Home Inc., – Northwest Chapel on Friday, October 20th, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The funeral service will be held at Thompson Funeral Home Inc., – Northwest Chapel on Saturday, October 21st, 2017 at 11:00 AM. The family hour will begin at 10:00 AM.

Floral arrangements can be sent to Thompson Funeral Home Inc., at 15443 Greenfield Rd., Detroit, Michigan 48227.

G Hollins Obit Full (EDIT)


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  1. Monique Owens says:

    My best friend in the whole entire world, wonderful supportive first cousin. Nothing like a man who loves his entire family doesn’t matter maternal, paternal, in-laws, & friends. He respected & honored his mother, she was the most important concern on his mind this year & he was looking forward to his turn to care for her, and so was I, thinking of ways to help on the weekends. Just an awesome fun-loving caring & concerned guy! Great saxophone player. He loved his Jazz music, now you’re definitely Jazzing it up! I’m so blessed to have spent quality time together, you tried to eat healthy and yet still enjoy life, your corn bread recipe was the best! Yes Thee, Bernard had a real winner, and thanks for teaching all three of us about becoming more health-conscious. Marshall will know never forget that time you & your favorite brother tried fasting, you were a real trooper. He did his best to balance his meals, especially with Nurse Jenny keeping a watchful eye. Sweet Potatoes were his favorite thing to eat, but the potato salad story about Scooby was hilarious. Cuz was the main ingredient for a 1:1 Meet up/Eat up. Sorry Lori, you & Ophelia weren’t the only ones who had those, but with ours I learned what true friendship was. Cuz was never to busy to Shoot the Breeze, like his favorite Uncle Frank used to say. Cuz would listen & offer a few laughs in between & Cuz were the real No Judgement Zone. I will miss your greeting, Hey Cuz! You were the Master of anything entertainment. Gatherings, music, & movies-lol, they may have taught him all of that legal jargon, but whenever I had an issue he said call Our Attorney-Donald’s the expert in the family. Gerald loved all four of his nephews, they all know he was there for them, an Uncle, caregiver & friend when you needed him. Like his mother he loved accomplishments, & made mention of all the latest & greatest- Niara the Chef made it on the mantle & Deanna the Designer, were our most recent college grads! He nicknamed me the Shoe Fairy! I love you so much BFF and our family will miss you dearly!

  2. Brenda Hatcher says:

    We are praying for God’s comfort for the family during this time.

    Brenda Hatcher

  3. Jo Ann Johnson says:

    Words can’t express our deepest sympathy.Know that God will never leave you nor forsake you all. For he will enlighten each one of you to get you all through you loss. Love you all

  4. Glenda Cole-Dixon says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. Their are no words of comfort in this difficult time. Just know the Lord will see you through

  5. My dearly beloved brother, Bernard is freed from all suffering.

    However, the celebration of His life should not go quietly into heaven. I want everyone that loved him to stop, inhale deeply and take a sobering look at what has occurred.

    Mother Nature provides us with extremely reliable advice, and we must follow that advice to meet Father Time.

    I am extremely saddened and disappointed, but not shocked.

    My health quest has been motivated by a sincere desire to help my three brothers to improve their health. I want my entire family to listen and to respond. I try to set an example of what they should be doing, and that has failed.
    Family, social pressures and tension arises when I am around food with immediate family. My wife Marcia and I lead a completely different lifestyle, as we believe that food is our medicine.
    Gerald suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and his obesity led to heart failure. Food addictions are a plague that took his life.

    Death by natural causes at the age of 62 was avoidable. A proper diet and exercise is the best solution, and that is undeniable. We spend our time trying to look away from the truth that stares at us in the mirror.

    We all celebrated Mom’s 90th birthday one week before Gerald’s death.

    The most troubling thing for me is that Gerald struggled with alcoholism and cigarettes and finally quit. Food addictions took his final breath away.

    This sobering truth could leave us in denial, which is the normal reaction or provide the motivation to everyone to do what is necessary to avoid suffering and despair.
    He continued to listen to my health tips, and he tried to change.
    Now, what are you prepared to do?
    Food additions plague most Americans, and corn syrup, corn fed livestock, and everything engineered from this GMO have bad outcomes.
    In summary, stress, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke will lead to short lifespans. These are the results a self-inflicted lifestyle, and a pill for every ill.
    Drugs cannot cure these diseases of affluence. We don’t even have to have a high paying job to get abundant cheap food.
    We can make better choices that alleviate this unwanted suffering.
    What are you prepared to do?
    If your behaviors are unchanged after all of the warnings and clear evidence, I stand ready for more bad news to come.
    Theophis Elmo Hollins, Jr

  6. Alfred Moore says:

    Time to say good bye to my cousin. Will grew up together and created a lot of memories.

    My condolences.

  7. Ge McIver says:

    So sorry to read about Gerald death.
    He will be dearly missed. As you reflect on the happy
    times you enjoyed together may it bring you comfort. The bible promises that God Jehovah will be with those broken at heart and crushed in spirit because he cares..
    Revelation 21: 4 & 5