Tasks of a Funeral Director

Thompson Funeral Home is a provider of funeral and memorial services for the Metro Detroit area and suburbs.

To offer the most satisfying celebration of life, a funeral director has to accomplish a lot of tasks. The tasks that a funeral director provides to families is of the most important because it is how we preserve the honor and dignity of the deceased and yourself. These are the tasks that we accomplish:

  • Securing signatures of attending physicians or medical examiners on required death certificates where the death occurred, whenever the passing is at a hospital, home, or nursing home.
  • Securing cremation authorizations from families and medical examiner
  • Filing of death certificates at local filing office dependent on location of death.
  • Transportation of the deceased to our facilities, local or long distance.
  • Maintain compliance with government regulations and laws.
  • Understanding and securing family history.
  • Decision making on conditions of the deceased.
  • Understanding your personal budget and your needs for any type of funeral service.
  • Making necessary arrangements for viewing/visitation, open or closed casket services.
  • Assistance in choosing the final resting place such as a cemetery, mausoleum, or private land.
  • Making necessary arrangements with clergy, musicians.
  • Assistance in finding the right type of caskets, urns, vaults, or other keepsakes
  • Processing insurance claims
  • Provide guidelines for obituaries and newspaper announcements.
  • Arranging shipping information for transport of deceased across state boundaries.
  • Coordination with cemeteries/crematory
  • Notary for require documents
  • Processing social security forms
  • Obtaining burial assistance through the State of Michigan.
  • Take careful considerations in embalming and cosmetic processes